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Posted by John Slionski on Jan 19, 2018 11:09:40 AM

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3 Things To Consider When Building A Website For Your Business- TOP

Don't make this "fatal mistake" when building a website for your business!

Many business owners make the same mistake when building their website. There is no plan and there is no goal. Many business owners assume that you just build a website, throw it up on the web and business is just going to pour in. It just doesn't work that way. What good is spending thousands of dollars on a website, if nobody is going to see it? The other issue which could be worse is if people do see it. I heard it said best, "The best way to expose a bad business is great marketing". With that being said, what is the course of action once a visitors get to your website. Is your website going to be set up to grab leads (by a pop up, newsletter opt- in or quick call options) or are you selling a product or service? This is why hiring a good web design company may help.

Get help from a proven web design company when building a website! Especially if you have never done it successfully before!

In my opinion, business owners need to be consulted more in getting them to think about the "buyer's journey". This is from the time someone types in a search query to the time they make a decision to be a customer... or not to be a customer. This can be very overwhelming for a business owner who is, you know, running a full time business :-). Owning the best web design company is the USA, let me help you! Here are  some tips to help guide you on your journey. 

If you are looking to speak to someone about your website, you can get a quote or speak to a consultant at no cost to you. My team would love to help!

3 things to consider when building your website

  1. What is the purpose of your website? Are you selling a product or service or is your website to show off your work or be educational? These are things to consider as the structure of the websites will all be completely different. A website needs to be set up with the visitor in mind. How will they get, navigate, and act on my website. The other thing to think about when building a website for your business is the set up of a "lead capture" strategy. This can be done in many different ways. Are you prepared to grab emails for a newsletter campaign? Are you ready to nurture that campaign and interact with a visitor on the base level. Do you even have the time for that? We all would like visitors to just go to the website, pick up the phone and say "I want your service, here is my money"...but this is real life and real life doesn't always work that way LOL. Just as people walk into your store, people visit your website. Think of it as the same way in regards to giving them a great presentation of what you do. This is why I recommend business owners to hire a great web design company. They should guide you and help lay out a plan to help you achieve all of your goals.

  2. Choosing the right platform for your website - There are many different platforms you can use to build your website. You can use the cheap, drop and drag models like Wix or a Godaddy template. You can go with another level up from that and use a CMS system like Wordpress, or you can have a more advanced, start from scratch personally developed website. I recommend using Wordpress. First, over 27% over the internet is on a Wordpress platform and growing...WOW. Secondly, it is simple to use and is set up perfectly to be easily crawled by the search engines right " out of the box".

  3. Start getting content together - As a web designer and digital marketing firm there is one thing that I always stress to my clients and that is to gather good content. Who wants to get to a website and see stock photos everywhere? Take the time and make the effort to take good pictures, write some good content and really engage with your visitors on a personal level! Let them get the experience of working with your company right from your website.

Here is another great article that Forbes put out on "Key Steps to Building Your First Website". You should check it out!

One thing for sure is this, every successful company has a successful website strategy. If you go into this with the mindset of building a website and "poof" leads everywhere...then you will be greatly disappointed. A website is an absolute must for any business of any size. It is a worthy investment that every business needs to budget in. Speak to a website consultant to make sure they put you on the path to success. If you seem lost, I strongly encourage you to find a good web design company. Thanks for reading!

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