The Benefits of a Facebook Business Page

Posted by Mariya Bentz on Sep 10, 2018 1:50:51 PM

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When looking at social media for business, Facebook should be the platform that every business is on regardless of which industry you are in. It works best for B2C brands, but you really can reach customers for any business. Facebook is best used for building brand awareness, creating a community around your product, announcing new promotions, and keeping in touch with your current shoppers. There are so many benefits to having a Facebook Business Page:

1. Increased Exposure to Potential Customers

Facebook has over 1 billion monthly users worldwide—that includes 73% of the US adult population. With these type of statistics, you are able to reach consumers in almost any industry!


2. Increase Your Website Traffic

Posting links to your website at least 3 times per week should be apart of everyone’s content strategy. You can start using your posts to drive clicks to your own website to various services that you offer, links to your blog posts, or links to your sales and promotions. Increasing your website traffic helps lead to more sales!


3. Offers For Your Customers

The “Offers” area is a little-known section on the Business Facebook Page. You can now share your discounts and promotions as a “coupon.” You can decide how often they run, who sees them, and when they expire. This includes online offers AND in-store promotions. Utilizing these is great because they easily capture a potential customers attention when they first visit your Facebook page.


4. Access To Ad Campaigns

The beauty of utilizing Facebook Ads is that they have the ability to reach your exact customer because Facebook has the most targeted form of advertising. You are able to target an individual based on their age, location, interest, and behavior. Not only can you reach just about anyone—but Facebook is one of the cheapest form of advertising compared to Google Adwords, billboards, television, radio, etc.


5. Helps You Understand Your Customer

Business page offers you amazing insights to your profile. The best part is that it is so easy to understand! The insights tool shows you things like: page likes, how many people you reached, engagement levels on your posts, what types of posts your customers like most, what type of product they are most interested in, etc. Viewing and understanding your insights helps you plan your content, AND future products.

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