The Benefits of a Linked In Company Page

Posted by Mariya Bentz on Oct 2, 2018 11:57:59 AM

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According to the article, Social Media For Business, LinkedIn is the best B2B social platform out there. LinkedIn is a business and employment-oriented social media platform. LinkedIn is best for B2B type of businesses because it is known as the “professional’s network.” It is used to stay connected within certain industries, business development, and career advancement. If you have a business account on LinkedIn, you want to be sure to be updating it a few times a week with industry news, company updates, and interact with groups related to your industry. When looking at the benefits of a facebook business page vs LinkedIn; I believe you will see how different they really are. Some of the benefits of a LinkedIn business page are:

Ability To Connect With Leads

 Everyone knows that LinkedIn is the place to network, but putting it into practice may be a bit confusing. You want to treat your company page as a lead generator. As soon as someone visits your LinkedIn company page, you want to capture their attention with a captivating header design. Let them know about a valuable piece of content that they can download in exchange for their information.

Place To Introduce New Products

According to the Marketing Tech Blog, one of the main reasons that people follow brands on social media is to get the latest product information. With LinkedIn being such a business platform, this is the best network to introduce new products or services and explain how they can help them solve their problems.

Helps Improve Search Rankings

Social media pages rank high on Google as it is, but LinkedIn has an advantage because of the long descriptions on the company pages. If you take the time to optimize your LinkedIn profile description and use relevant keywords, it is very likely that your company page will be ranked high on Google.

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