The Benefits Of Using Instagram For Business. Can it work?

Posted by Mariya Bentz on Sep 17, 2018 9:49:07 PM

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According to the article "Social Media For Business", Instagram is best for fashion boutiques and retailers, home décor brands, bloggers, and anything fitness related. This type of customer cares about the aesthetics of photos, and if their space looks visually appealing so be sure to post high quality photos. Instagram is best used for brand awareness, capturing the attention of new customers, and engaging with your followers. According to "The benefits of a linked in company page", your target will be B2B. You will see that this is a totally different animal. Some of the benefits of an Instagram business page are:

1. Most Users Want To Purchase

According to LYFE Marketing, over a third of users purchase products through Instagram. This means that users are 70% more likely to purchase than on any other platform! Also, about 75% of users tend to take action after looking at an advertisement on Instagram. These statistics are amazing if you have a product or service to sell.

2. Ability To Develop a Connection With Followers

Unlike Facebook, you do not have to “pay to play” on Instagram. You are able to develop a following organically, which allows to build a true connection to your audience. According to Forrester Research, Instagram generates 120x more engagement per follower than Twitter! This is the ideal platform to build a true relationship with your customer. You are able to build a community that will come back to buy over and over again.

3. Reach New Audiences With Zero Ad Spend

The beauty of Instagram is that there are so many avenues to reach new audiences without having to spend money to reach them. Every time a customer engages with your post, their followers can see your post on their “Explore Page.” New customers can find you when you use relevant hashtag. You can even go in an engage with your target audience for them to go back and look at your profile. Brands should take advantage of this!

The right Marketing Agency will embark on strategy that is more than simply posting and hoping for someone to interact. Success in this realm takes engagement. At Design ME Marketing, we develop a social media strategy that is unique to your needs. Our approach is very targeted and leveraging the proper platforms we connect you directly with your target market.

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