Choosing the Right Social Media Management Company

Posted by Mariya Bentz on Feb 5, 2019 3:31:07 PM

In Social Media

Owning a business is difficult enough without having to become the next Social Media guru. Especially when social networks are known to change their algorithms every year. As a business owner, you need to put your focus on growing your business, and not keeping up with social media trends.

Hiring a social media management company is extremely beneficial to business owners, but not all social media companies are alike. When choosing the right social media management company, here’s a few things you should put on your checklist:

  1. Take A Look At Their Previous Clients

By taking a look at their previous and current social media clients will give you a good look into what your own social media account will look like. Take a look at the copy-- does the wording match your brand? Are the captions long or short? Does the audience engage with the social media content? Make sure that their current client’s account match up to what you essentially want for your own social media.

  1. Ask To See Their Analytical Reports

When you take a look at the social media analytical reports, it will show you on average how much engagement, impressions, and views each post gets for their clients. Compare these to where your social media is right now. Are the numbers lower or higher? How do the numbers compare to those in your industry? Comparing these numbers should be the next factor that helps you decide on a social media management company.

  1. Schedule A Discovery Call

Scheduling a discovery call with a potential social media management company will give you an insight of how you will like working with them. Ask about their do they decide what content to post? How/when will you give approval for content calendars? These are important questions to ask when choosing the right company to work with. Make sure that it is a good fit because this first phone call reflects what the rest of the business journey will be.

Are you looking for a social media management company? By working with Design ME Marketing, you will have your own marketing agency dedicated to your campaign.

Our team members create a multi faceted approach that will help you standout on the timelines of prospective customers. You will see activity that seeks out individuals or companies within your target market and engages them on a one to one level.

This increases the conversion rate of “likes” to customers as it encompasses the timeless business success principal of building relationships.

Tracking success is also at the cornerstone of our efforts. You will receive detailed monthly reporting and consultation.

A Design ME led campaign is proactive, and by collaborating with your Specialist and sharing your goals, we can execute on a Social Media strategy that brings results!