7 Creative Facebook Post Ideas For Your Business

Posted by Jason on Jan 22, 2018 11:24:13 AM

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Do you feel like your Facebook posts are getting too repetitive? There are so many benefits of a Facebook Business Page but maybe you don't know where to start. Maybe you're new to this "Facebook thing" and looking for creative ideas to post for your business.  Where do you begin?  You want to keep things fresh.  Your followers should look forward to your posts so that your business is on the top of their mind when they need you. In the article "Social Media for Business", you are encouraged to post daily, fresh, relatable content no matter what industry you are in.

You are in competition for people's attention.  Here are 7 creative Facebook post ideas for your business posts that will remove your writer's block and separate you from the noise.

1. Post Unique Images on Your Business Timeline

Facebook has "jazzed up" our timelines with selectable colored backdrops, but even they are getting predictably drab.   Create and post your own unique images to stand out.  Not a graphic artist?  No problem!  Consider using sites like Canva or Wordswag to add a creative spin to your business Facebook posts.  Both offer free images, tools, and fonts.  The possibilities are endless.

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2. Videos will Attract Attention

The human brain is predictable.  Our eyes are attracted to movement.  Get your point across with a video.  Now, this doesn't mean that you have to contract a videographer and develop a sales pitch like the next vacuum infomercial. Develop a quick slideshow displaying your products, pics from the office or store.  If you feel so inclined, get in there and talk a bit, share an idea, something new, or tell a story.  The internet has ushered in the day where just about anybody can get in front of a camera and where everybody will watch. So don't worry.  Go for it!  Tools like iMovie (if you have a Mac) and Adobe Spark are great.

3. Post Viral Memes or Make Your Own

Memes go viral and people LOVE to share them!  Memes are those quirky pics of random people or celebrities donning whatever sayings the internet world can come up with.  These impactful, funny and in many cases snarky gems can be a tool in your toolbox to keep your audience engaging.  You don't have to reinvent the wheel.  New content is created every day if you know where to look.   But what if you harness your inner wit and create your own?  Download the Mematic app on iOS or Android and get access to all the most popular meme graphics and overlay your own text.  You can cater to the niche interests of your audience and make the meme relevant to you.

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Getting creative with your Facebook posting strategy takes time!  Time is money for business owners.  Consider working with a team who has some incredible Facebook post ideas for your business.


4. Get Personal with Your Facebook Business Posts

Your audience doesn't want robotic, sales riddled jargon all the time (actually almost never).  Let them get to know you!  We recently had an HVAC company start incorporating office antics including their lovable and giant mascot, a Mastiff named Zeus.  Seeing Zeus sleeping at the office in the midst of a workday is great content because it breaks the monotony of service-only conversation.  I am not saying go buy a big dog.... but what is unique about your environment?  Let the people of Facebook see the YOU behind the company and when the time comes, they will have a familiarity that will help you close business!

5. YOU GO FACEBOOK LIVE!  (Yes you.... not the person behind you.... you)

Facebook Live is an extremely effective way to communicate with your followers.  The possibilities are endless.  At first, it can be nerve-racking.  What do you say?  Don't overthink it.  Start simple.  Capture what is going on around you, build your confidence and regularly address your fan base with updates, industry tips and more.

6. Pose a Problem and Ask a Question

People love to answer questions and solve problems.  Let's face it, if the internet were a car... opinions would be the fuel.  Capitalize on that by asking questions and prompting a response from your audience.

Some ideas include:

  • What would you do if...
  • Share some advice you would give to someone who...
  • What's your favorite...

7. Post Relevant Articles

Find an article that reinforces your value proposition.  Even better write one yourself via a blog.  Create case studies, articles and white papers based on your own experience.  I know, I know..... there's that time factor.  Content is so important! When resources come from your company, you are positioned as the industry leader.  A blog on your website also can be a HUGE boost to being found on the search engines,

Don't have the time to write articles?  Most business owners don't.  A company that specializes in content can save you time and frustration.

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