How To Easily Generate Leads From Your Website

Posted by Mariya Bentz on Oct 30, 2018 12:04:13 PM

In Lead Generation, Website Design

Generating leads online is very important, however, it is not an easy job. You have to be strategic. Lead generation is the initiation of a customer’s interest in a product or service of a business. When generating leads off of a website, that typically happens when you convert a website visitor into an email subscriber. The process usually starts when a website visitor clicks a CTA that collects their email information. Below is an easy three-step process on how to generate leads from your website:


Step One: Pop-Up With A Free Download

One of the most effective “Call-To-Actions” is offering a user a free download. A new user will not willingly give you their information. You have to make an exchange. If you can offer something valuable to them like a free eBook, an infographic, or worthy tips-- it will be very easy to get your lead’s contact information. Pop-ups are successful because they easily grab a visitors attention.


Step Two: Kickback Email Campaign

Hubspot did a study on engagement rates of thank you emails vs. non-thank you emails: kickback emails doubled in engagement rates (opens and conversions)! Once a lead submits their information for a free download, you should immediately send them a thank you email with their download link, and a few days later (while your company is still fresh in their mind) send them an email with a link to a blog post that could benefit them.


Step Three: An Incentive To Sign Up

This step plays a huge role. You have to offer some sort of incentive to have a customer try to product. This could either be a free trial, a demo, or even a huge discount for their first month of services. Offering something big (or something that expires a few days later) could truly motivate the purchase of a product or service. A well thought out incentive can produce great results.


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