So you finally admit, "I need a website"

Posted by Jason on May 31, 2018 5:30:03 PM

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How Established Businesses are Losing Opportunities on the Internet

Establishing a business that has built a solid reputation, seen solid growth and set itself apart in a particular industry is an admirable achievement.  If this describes your organization, congratulations!  I’m sure it wasn’t easy and you’re probably not eager to lose marketshare in the foreseeable future.  We don’t blame you.

There is, however, a potential blind spot in today’s market. It causes many well respected businesses to wake up one day to find that they have lost influence.  Every day new competition arises. While the new kid on the block may not have your book of business, a solid internet strategy can be the great equalizer.

In years past, you probably pounded the pavement, cold called, spent late nights on proposals and preparation just to get an opportunity to secure a new client.  The sobering truth is, a company that is half your size and has far less experienced can now get in front of your target market instantly and effortlessly through a digital marketing campaign. If well executed, you may NEVER get the chance to prove you can do better.

The internet has been an amazing asset, but it rarely considers past success.  When it comes to researching the right product or partner, today’s consumers want instant gratification.  If an up and coming business decides invest in their digital footprint, they can easily appear to be a more qualified partner than a more established company that has coasted through this digital age.  Resting solely on the back of yesterday’s success can b a deadly gamble.

You worked hard.  Don’t bow out so easily.

Don’t let a less qualified company position itself to seize business that should be yours.  Here are 3 things to consider right now to get your company on track and align your web presence with your industry expertise. The first thing you need to do is get a website. If you have a website, you need to find the best web design company out there to help lay out a successful game plane for you.

If you need help with this, you can contact us! We would be glad to speak with you about your goals on the web. 

1. Your website alone isn’t going to cut it.

You say “But, I have website!”.  That’s great, but with over 1 Billion websites online it hardly sets you apart.  You need a strategy that will attract potential clients and a game plan for driving the right traffic. Research your target market.  Where are they searching to find what you have to offer? 

Just putting a website up and waiting for business is like having a billboard in the desert.  Someone may stumble on it and call you, but how do you get in front of today’s prospects before your competition does?  You need the right web marketing strategy. 

2. Expertise without visibility results in loss.

When someone types keywords in Google, they are really asking a question.  Will you be there with the answer? The internet isn’t a trade show where visitors stop at each table for everyone’s elevator pitch.  On the web, there isn’t the luxury of a warm hand-off referral.  If you aren’t digitally relevant when someone is actively looking, you significantly lessen your chance to be in the running for the business.

Also, sporting a website that is lackluster and doesn’t communicate your expertise, puts you at a disadvantage.  Anyone who has a good web designer and knows how to write an article can win the opportunity.  Make sure you are the known thought leader, both in the industry and of the web.

3. You need help.  Consider a team.

You probably didn’t get where you are today without juggling multiple facets of the business.  That is probably still the case today.  If you have time to become the next web marketing Guru, then congrats again!  You deserve even more kudos than this article has already expressed.  It will take planning and execution to the tune of a minimum of 80 - 150 hours per month, which includes working through multiple sets of efforts, across the right platforms to perform marketing efforts that translate into actual revenue.

In the likely event that you can’t squeeze this in your schedule, it will take hiring an internal team of experienced individuals or an agency that wants to be more than a service provider, but a strategic partner.  Whoever that is, make sure they have crossed the goal line a few times.  What is their experience in identifying the right web strategy and then delivering the desired results?  Talk is cheap.  Make sure the results are more than a theory.

No time like the present…

You have built a great business.  No one can take that away from you, but from the digital marketing perspective, it doesn't entitle you to future business either.  Don't  be a web statistic.  No MVP player wants to be stood up by the rookie on an opposing team.

Take them head on.  When you are up against the web savvy industry newcomer, your expertise will pay huge dividends.  The only way to lose out is to ignore the most powerful modern-day tool business development has to offer (the Internet) and never get the chance to be considered.

Once your in the conversation, you’ve got this!

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