Questions to Ask Sales Lead Generation Companies

Posted by Jason on Feb 17, 2018 10:56:43 AM

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4 Questions for sale lead generation companies

Are you considering buying sales leads?  We understand.  Keeping a steady flow of prospects coming into your business is a challenge for many business owners.  It may be tempting to take a look at sales lead generation companies to supplement your pipeline.  Is that a good choice?  Some leads are more qualified than others and 3rd party sales leads aren’t cheap.  You'll want to make sure you set yourself up for the best chance for a solid ROI.

Here are some questions to ask when looking at sales lead generation companies.

1. What was the strategy behind acquiring the leads?

The process of acquiring the lead is extremely important as it is a driving factor in determining quality.  A "prospect" may have just signed up for an offer or downloaded material.   This means that they did not directly ask to receive a call or email.  It is better when a person solicits information about a specific service or offering.

2. How long ago did the prospect express interest?

Like a loaf of bread, it doesn't take long for leads to go stale.  According to Hubspot's article The Best Time to Make a Sales Call in 2018,  a reputable sales software company, Velocify, found in a recent survey that prospects called within a minute of submission saw 391% better conversion. Every passing 60 seconds hurts the chances of advancing the opportunity to the next step.  Does the sales lead generation company offer immediate forwarding of opportunities? What is your response time?  If there is too much delay, you may want to consider a more homegrown approach accompanied by marketing automation tools

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3. Are the leads going to other companies too?

There is nothing wrong with competition.  It drives our economy.  However, if you are just one of several companies receiving the sales lead at the same time, there could be a problem.   Let's say that the lead goes out to 5 companies.  3 out of 5 respond almost immediately.  Prospects gets fatigued when taking multiple sales calls.. They get the feeling of being "sold to a list".  It doesn't take a detective to figure out that a handful of vendors have your name and are out to "sell you".  Can these leads be sold?  Yes, but a lead farmed out to too many companies can be frustrating for both you and the prospect.  Many sales lead generation companies offer exclusivity, but that comes at a sharp increase in cost per lead

4. How can I do this for myself?

You can be your own best supplier of sales ready opportunities.  There is nothing better than a home-grown lead.  Prospect's that have benefitted from your resources, identified you as an industry thought leader and has asked you for engagement lead to more business.  In 2018, traditional sales methods are diminishing and companies are thriving through developing a strategy that drives growth through inbound marketing.  Luckily, you can do this for yourself and not be by yourself.  Perhaps you should, seek out a partner that can work with you in providing more than just a name, phone and email, but connections to well qualified individuals that are ready to engage with you.  Consider developing a strategy where you are in control of attracting, converting, closing and delighting future customers.


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