How To Gain Leads From Twitter

Posted by Mariya Bentz on Dec 12, 2018 7:30:00 AM

In Lead Generation, Social Media

Gaining leads from Twitter can seem a bit confusing. If you are a professional who uses Twitter for personal reasons, you may constantly be getting DM’s that you cannot tell if it is spam or someone actually reaching out to your account.

It is important to keep in mind that traditional sales methods do not work on Twitter. You have to create and nurture relationships with your potential customers.

The Twitter platform is best for musicians, influencers, authors, speakers, news organizations, marketing agencies, and sports related businesses. Brands love to use Twitter to create buzz, deliver customer service, and connect with their followers.

We have a simple three step process on how you can gain leads from Twitter:

Step One: Finding Your Audience

After you created a well optimized profile, it is time to find your audience. You can type in key phrases and hashtags from your industry to view relevant tweets. For example, as a marketing agency we might type in “web design” into the search bar and see who is writing about it. When we see relevant tweets where we can bring value to, we would respond to their question, introduce ourselves in a non-promotional way, and follow the user. The goal would be to bring that user back unto your page.

Step Two: Building Relationships

After you get a user to follow your Twitter account, it takes time to build a relationship to gain the trust that you need to capture a lead’s contact information. Never DM a user out of the blue, this seems spammy and could lead to an unfollow. Instead, take time to tweet valuable information for your audience, respond to your followers if they ever have questions, and participate in industry Twitter chats to position yourself as an industry expert.

Step Three: Creating A CTA

Your main goal from your Twitter strategy should be to move a lead from Twitter and into your own email list. After your profile is filled with valuable tweets, and you have positioned yourself as an expert... you can take this next step. Tweet a captivating graphic that offers a user something for FREE (such as an eBook, audible, free sample, etc). Write a caption that leads them to click on a link that takes the user to a seperate landing page. The landing page should have a form that the user fills out in exchange for the free product. Pin this tweet to the top of your page, so everyone can see it once they visit your profile.

The right Marketing Agency will embark on strategy that is more than simply posting and hoping for someone to interact. Success in this realm takes engagement. Do you need help with a Twitter strategy? At Design ME Marketing, we develop a social media strategy that is unique to your needs.

Our approach is very targeted and leveraging the proper platforms we connect you directly with your target market. Do you need a social media strategy?

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