How much should SEO companies be charging you!

Posted by John Slionski on Jan 21, 2018 8:20:57 PM


How much should SEO companies be charging you top imageAre SEO companies charging to much?

Knowing the "in's and out's" of the everyday process, I can confidently say that anything under $500 is almost impossible. There was a time where you could just list a bunch of keywords inside your blog or website and be found for anything. People easily scammed this but today Google has gotten much smarter! The Google bots that crawl your website are like mini-humans reading through most of your content to see what that blog or page should be ranking for. Those days are long gone and the process is much more time consuming. Forbes magazine did a great study on this very topic.

What is in the SEO process?

Here is a basic checklist of the work involved in the SEO process. This is very important in determining what to charge a client for SEO services.

  • Researching keywords and keyword phrases
  • Develop a keyword mapping sheet
  • Develop content (500 words) per page
  • Design that into each page
  • Strategize and study for the best conversion process (turning visitors into leads)
  • 40-60 hours per month of white hat/organic back linking
  • Content implementation strategy

If you paid someone $500 just to do the back linking, you are only paying them $12.50 per hour (40 hours). Make sure you get a company that does not use any automation and understands what they're doing so you don't get blacklisted! Any good digital marketing specialist will cost anywhere between $40-$150 per hour! So you tell me how much SEO companies should be charging you?

Overwhelmed yet? I hope not! This is why companies like mine exist. We do all of the heavy lifting for you at a reasonable price. The reason why is because we can charge you less because of the amount of clients we have. Want more information? Contact us!

What SEO companies should be charging you based on your company

  1. Very Small Business ($750 per month)- If you are a small business that deals with only local customers then this is the plan for you. Every business owner has to budget in a digital marketing budget. There are stories where we have seen local pool companies turn into a multi million dollar operation from just the content they are putting out! Watch the story of Marcus Sheridan.
  2. Small Business ($1000-$1500 per month)- If you are limited to a specific area where you serve but service a larger area then this is the marketing plan for you. $750 may work for a self storage company in a town where the population is 5,000 people but it certainly won't get the job done (in a reasonable time frame) in a town of 50,000. At the $1500 budget, you can probably do a good job on a niche product or service nationally.
  3. Medium Sized Business ($2000- $6000)- If your company is regional, national or international don't expect to pay any less then $2000 per month. This is also if you are selling a non "mainstream" product or service. For example, if you own a Jewelry store that wants to sell nationally, but only have $750/month when your competitors like Zales or Kay's jewelers are spending tens of thousands per month...we should probably put your marketing budget to better use in another area or shift the focus to a particular product.
  4. Large Business ($10,000 +)- Since there is virtually no end to what you can do, expect to pay no less then $10,000 per month. You can never put out to much high quality content. It will always pay off!

What I would recommend before getting started is to fully understand the SEO process and how long it takes to start to see some results you are look for. Please consider the work involved and the goals you are trying to reach as these are important factors in how much you will be paying for SEO.