How To Optimize Your Facebook Business Profile For Businesses

Posted by Mariya Bentz on Nov 6, 2018 12:03:19 PM

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According to the article, "Social Media For Business", Facebook should be the platform that every business is on regardless of which industry you are in. It works best for B2C brands, but you really can reach customers for any industry. As a business, you must create a separate Facebook "Business Page" for your customers. You can link your profile on your website so that your customers can be directed to your page. Your page is a place where you can provide value to your customers, build a community around your products, and let your audience know when you have a promotion. While there are so many benefits to having a Facebook Business page, you first want to make sure your profile is optimized for success. Below is our checklist to help you do just that:

TIP #1: Use Your Cover Photo To Showcase Your Business

The cover is the biggest image on your page, so it is the most impactful. This will be the “first impression” so make sure to have a captivating image, with a little bit of text that explains your business. The cover photo dimensions are 820x312 Pixels. 

TIP #2: Add A Long Description To Your Page

In the "About" section of your Facebook page, there is an area for you to write a description of your company. Make sure to add a long description. Use SEO keywords, list services that you offer, add social media links, and other relevant information.

TIP#3: Call-To-Action Button

Make sure you are utilizing the Call-To-Action button as this button helps you convert leads into customers. There are many different types of buttons you can use: Call Now, Send Email, Get Quote, etc. Switch it around until you see what gets the best results.

TIP #4: Add Page Tabs To Promote Services

Your list of services is one of the first things your audience will see on your Facebook page. Right away, they can easily skim to see what your offer and decide if it is something that they are interested in. You can add the services you offer with a small description, photo and price. To add this feature to your page go to your settings, click "edit page," then add the service tab. 

TIP #5: Pin Most Important Posts

Pin your most important posts on your page so that new visitors can see the most relevant updates right away. Social Media Examiner describes it best, "You can pin something on your page that you want first-time visitors to see first. Because the default landing tab is no longer an option, a pinned post can act as a welcome mat for first-time visitors.

TIP #6: Utilize Reviews

As a business, it is important to build a strong credibility. Most people will check your reputation online before making a decision. Reviews are unbiased comments that establish trust quicker than anything you could write on your website because they are a form of third-party validation. Ask each customer with a positive experience to leave a review on your page. 

TIP #7: Analyze Your Performance

Checking your Facebook analytics gives great insight when planning your content for the following month.  Insights Tab has all sorts of data: pages views, demographics, reach, user engagement, what posts are popular, etc. We recommend looking through your analytics at least once a month. 

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