Social Media For Business- How to market your business on social media

Posted by Mariya Bentz on Aug 14, 2018 12:14:57 PM

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There are many types of social media networks, but not all of them might be the right fit for your business. Having a presence online is so important in today’s world, but if you are not actually active on your social platforms it is worse than not having an account at all. Realistically, you probably do not have the time to be on every single social media platform unless if you have a full marketing department. You just need to focus on the social networks that make the most sense for your business. Let’s talk about the most popular ones:

1. Facebook

Facebook should be the platform that every business is on regardless of which industry you are in. It works best for B2C brands, but you really can reach customers for any business. Facebook is best used for building brand awareness, creating a community around your product, announcing new promotions, and keeping in touch with your current shoppers.

2. Instagram

The Instagram platform is best for fashion boutiques and retailers, home décor brands, bloggers, and anything fitness related. This type of customer cares about the aesthetics of photos, and if their space looks visually appealing so be sure to post high quality photos. Instagram is best used for brand awareness, capturing the attention of new customers, and engaging with your followers.

3. Twitter

Twitter works best for musicians, influencers, news outlets, publications, sport organizations, and marketing companies. This type of customer usually lives in popular urban areas, and is outspoken so you must be ready to post a few tweets per day and interact with your target audience. Twitter is best used to build brand awareness, release breaking news, handling company complaints, and engaging with your followers.


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4. Pinterest

Pinterest is best for B2C businesses that specialize in cooking, arts and crafts, fashion, event décor, home décor, and baby items. This type of customer is very creative, and often ready to buy. If you are on Pinterest, be sure to update your boards every time you post a new blog, have a new product for sale, or host an event. The best thing about Pinterest is that many people tend to “repin” posts that they like so businesses are able to get free marketing. Pinterest is best used for getting referral traffic back to your website.

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is best for B2B type of businesses because it is known as the professional’s networks. If you have a business account on LinkedIn, be sure to be updating it a few times a week with industry news, company updates, and interact with groups related to your industry. Any communication on this platform needs to be very professional. LinkedIn is used to stay connected within certain industries, business development, and career advancement.

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