The Importance of Social Media Customer Care

Posted by Mariya Bentz on Mar 26, 2019 8:39:14 AM

If a customer walks in and needs help, a good business owner puts them first and makes sure they all of their questions are answered with care. Moreover, if you receive emails from customers, we all know that it is important to answer the questions completely and quickly. Well, this same care needs to go into you Social Media customers. When you receive a question over direct messaging or in a comment, it is just as important to reply to them urgently and completely. At the end of the day, a customer is a customer, no matter what platform they are on.

1. Creating a Personal Connection with Your Audience

Just like any other type of customer (online or not), you should strive to make a personal connection with them. Customers want to know that you are a person behind the screen. Respond to their comments, answer their direct messages, and especially respond when they have complaints. If you have a personal connection with your audience, they will more likely stick around, use your product or service, and speak highly of your brand.

2. Helps Increase Customer Loyalty

Interacting with your customers through social helps increase loyalty. Your customers will feel like they are being heard and they will be more willing to stick by your side, because you stood by theirs. Some of the most successful businesses are those with a high customer retention rate. By attending to your social media customers, they will return the favor by tagging you in a post or advertising your brand. Thus, bringing more traffic to your social media page.

3. Encourages Customers to Endorse Your Services

Having right social media customer care is very important because it will bring your customers to the conclusion that you are a caring company. When a customer posts a picture with your product in the picture, they are showing their friends that they endorse your product and would recommend it to a friend. Customers are more likely share your product or service when they are satisfied  with your customer service.

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