The Best Web Design Company talks about 3 elements every website needs

Posted by Mariya Bentz on Oct 23, 2018 10:52:53 AM

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Your company’s website is the first impression you give to new potential customers. It is known that only about a .25% of new visitors to an average website will actually make a purchase. But if they are encouraged to visit again, your chances increase significantly. Essentially, your website is your most powerful marketing tool. You may be thinking, " I need the best web design company out there to help me". This may be true, but you can at least start by adding elements to your website to give you the best chance to succeed. You want to make sure that it is constructed with long-term success in mind.

We believe these are the top 3 elements your website must have:

1. Pop-Ups

A pop-up is a little window that pops up when someone is browsing your website, and the main goal of a pop up is to collect email addresses. Implementing this into your website is the perfect element to collect leads. A study by AWeber discovered that pop-ups drive 1,375% more email captures that a sidebar opt-in form. When used correctly, pop-ups can grow your business like crazy. After collecting email addresses, the user should be entered into an email marketing campaign that informs your new lead about your company and encourages them to visit your website again.

2. Blog

Blogging is a marketing strategy that uses written content to get your business visible online. The more you blog, the more you can increase traffic to your website. Having a blog improves your organic SEO because the more pages of content that you have increases your chances to rank on certain keywords. Hubspot recently reported that businesses that prioritize blogging, experience 13x increase on ROI year after year. Aside from SEO, blogs help personalize your brand and establish your company as a thought leader in the industry. 

3. Testimonials

A testimonial on a website showcases the talents of the company and the successful experience of a previous client or customer. If you take a look at any website that we have created, you will notice that we always make sure to include customer testimonials because they are truly a powerful marketing tool.  Adding real comments from actual customers has a lot of influence on new website visitors because learning about an experience from other customers goes a long way. 

An effective website is one of the most important factors in the success of a business. Design ME Marketing is a professional web design company that combines cutting-edge graphics with strategies that align with Google’s strict standards. By choosing Design ME Marketing, your website will not only look great but will be constructed with long-term success in mind.

All of our websites are built custom tailored to your specific needs on a WordPress platform. Your site will have a unique and dynamic look, but will also be very easy to manage and expand as future needs arise.  With thousands of projects completed successfully Design ME Marketing web design team can handle the development of any style of site that you can imagine, both big and small. But don’t take it from us, read some of our customer testimonials here.

Have a complex E-commerce site that needs custom functionality? Maybe, you have an idea for a website concept but are unsure as to how to put it together. Our professional website design team can help make your website a reality and then consult on how to make it a success. 

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