Top 4 Web Design Trends This Year

Posted by Mariya Bentz on Aug 28, 2018 6:04:33 AM

In Website Design

Every few years, we see new design trends arise as technology changes around us. We have seen one of the biggest changes in the last few years than ever before. What use to be popular—flashy animations and busy designs—is NOT recommended anymore. Nowadays, simplicity is valued a whole lot more.

Here are the top four design trends this year:

  1. Flat Design
    Flat web design is one of the biggest changes in the last few years that we have seen. In previous years, websites were filled with flamboyant illustrations and crazy animations. But now we see more of white space and websites that focus on being user-friendly where information is much more easier to find. The more “clean” your website is, the better is your user experience. Having too many colors or elements makes your website too distracting. The minimalistic feel is more valuable these days.


  1. Video Backgrounds
    Video is becoming more valuable on every marketing channel: not only in web design but on Facebook and Instagram as well. Video backgrounds on websites are becoming more popular because it is more eye-catching than a plain photo. It’s captures a users attention and makes them stay longer on your website. If you video includes call-to-actions, you encourage the new user to explore more on your website.
  2. Mobile Responsive Design
    Having a website that is responsive to mobile users is so important because more and more website visitors are coming from mobile everyday. TechCrunch reported that by the end of 2016, mobile users had surpassed desktop users online! Consumers in every industry want to get to what they need very quickly- the last thing you want is someone exiting your website due to inconvenience.


  1. Parallax Scrolling
    As defined by Techopedia, parallax scrolling is a scrolling technique on a website that uses computer graphics in which background images move more slowly than the images in the foreground. It creates the illusion of depth and immersion. It has almost a futuristic feel to it. It is effective because it enhances a users experience, and encourages a user to interact more with your webpage.



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