What Makes a Good Business Logo?

Posted by Mariya Bentz on May 14, 2019 10:10:59 AM

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Business logos are important because they are the face of your company. They are often the very first impression that a potential client will see of your brand.  Your logo is placed not only on your website, but on pamphlets, business cards, merchandise, and more. So it is key to produce a logo that will stand out and make a statement.

Here’s a few of our tips when creating a logo for your company:

#1: It Needs a Purpose

Your logo should serve a purpose. Find your company’s direct purpose and run with it. Let’s say you own a dog food business-- if you want your logo to retain a picture in it, then your logo should have a dog on it, a dog bone, or something dog related. If your company only sells dog food, then your logo should not contain a picture of a goldfish. Logos must be clear to the point, otherwise your clients first impression is confusion.

#2: Make it Versatile

This one might seem a little odd, but trust us, it is very important. When you go upon the process of making a logo, you want to take your time and choose a logo that you will not have to change in the future. If you have to change your logo regularly, your clients can be confused or even tired of having to adjust to your constant rebranding. So, make sure to make a logo that can be practical and fit your every need. For instance, do not make a logo that only makes sense if it is printed in color. There will be many instances where people might see your logo in black and white, so just be aware of that going into this process.

#3: Make Your Logo Memorable

The whole idea of your logo is that it needs to be something that people will remember. Essentially, if people have your logo in their mind, then they have your business in mind. Some of the simplest logos are the ones that we all remember. Think of the first logo that comes to mind. Is it simple? Is it creative? Is it clear to the point? These are all boxes that your logo should check off. If you do those things, your logo should stick in the minds of prospect clients.

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