When is it Time to Rebrand Your Website?

Posted by Mariya Bentz on Apr 23, 2019 8:48:47 AM

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Change can be hard; however, when it comes to your website’s success, change is a good thing. It is not always easy to determine when it is time to rebrand your websitebecause you do not want to do it too often or when it is not needed. Below are a few tips on whether or not it is time for changing up your web design: 


Is Your Website Mobile Responsive?

This question is vital in answering whether or not you should rebrand. Today, most people visit websites on their smartphones. If your website can not be functionable on a smartphone, you should think about improving your brand. If half your traffic is trying to reach your website by using their smartphone, then you should make it a priority to let that happen.


Are You Grabbing People’s Attention?

A bounce rate is the rate at which people visit your website but do not interact with anything on it. So, if you have a high bounce rate then that means that many people are leaving your website before they even use it. The goal of a website is to grab people’s attention so they can then look more into your company. So, if your website is not doing its job, then it is time to rebrand. In order to aim for the lowest bounce rate possible, you want to have a visually pleasing and modern website that will captivate a users attention.


Have Your Competitors Rebranded?

If your competitors have started their rebranding process, then they will begin to attract more customers and more website traffic. If your competitors have rebranding their website, then check out what they did differently this time. You do not want to feel left behind; instead, you are able to keep up with your competition by staying modern and simple.

Do you feel that you should start rebranding your website?  

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